Greg Petry, Founder

Greg Petry has been working as a real estate project/asset manager for over 18 years and has a strong desire use that experience to facilitate positive changes within the community. Greg has started several for profit businesses with great success and is now hoping to start his first non-profit business. Greg is dedicated to the success of this endeavor and is seeking other like-minded individuals or companies that share the same vision to improve neighborhoods, one project at a time.


A Special Thanks To...

Moby, Inc.

For providing tremendous creative vision and insights to improve the Neighborhood SOS concept.

Moby is a technology research & development firm that builds useful, easy-to-understand products that help our clients & partners connect with users and grow their business. We live to work with both cutting edge and established technologies, combining them with prototyping, user testing, research, analytics and insight to make products better.

Moby is proud to contribute to the Neighborhood SOS concept, and encourage every interested party to get involved.

Moby is headquartered in Seattle with offices in sunny Santa Monica. We work local, we work global, and we love to travel. Ready to get started?

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Impact Hub, Seattle

For providing contacts and advisor resources.

Impact Hub Seattle is a coworking space, events space, and launch pad for purpose-driven ventures that create more value than they capture.

We believe in a better world through inspiring entrepreneurship, and through community, space and educational events, we accelerate entrepreneurs toward building the future we want to live in. 

We provide a remarkable space for productive work, a driven community that resides at the intersection of technology and social good, and a diverse selection of programming and mentorship to guide our members with the tools they need to establish their idea.

Our community helps entrepreneurs and businesses consider the social and environmental impact of their business practices, while also pushing philanthropists and nonprofits to become self-sustaining through collaboration and more efficient business models.

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All future partners, donors and collaborators.


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