Local, city and state municipalities care deeply about their residents and communities, but are often overburdened and underfunded. Neighborhood SOS seeks to be a viable private, non-profit partner to municipalities, supplementing community improvement through an innovative online web experience. The Neighborhood SOS proposed concept allows individuals, community organizations and businesses to identify revitalization projects, or “SOS’s”, which can be located, assessed, donated to, and tracked to completion, all within a simple, intuitive website.

This “Kickstarter for Community Improvement” empowers committed individuals, or “Neighborhood Leaders” to change their neighborhoods for the better. As we’ll see below, Neighborhood SOS also provides a unique venue for businesses and global corporations to show their support for the communities that they serve, by allowing them to sponsor, donate towards, and promote projects that can change neighborhoods, and lives.




Neighborhood SOS was founded on the idea that when community members take control of improving their neighborhoods, everyone benefits. 

We strive to




Empower members of the neighborhood to become active project leaders, calling attention to the projects that matter most.


Engage citizens, businesses and corporations to take ownership in the betterment of their neighborhood.


Challenge neighbors to support individuals in need by offering a helping hand or services.


Improve neighborhoods, one project at a time.

Project Types



Gardening, maintenance, building sports fields.

Cosmetic Improvements

Painting, cleaning, removing debris, beach clean-up.

Road maintenance

Repairing potholes, fixing sidewalks, replacing signs.


Roof repair, carpentry, installing playgrounds, restoration work.



"KickStarter for Community Improvement"


Neighborhood SOS seeks to build a grassroots-inspired web application dedicated to allowing community members and businesses to create neighborhood improvement projects as Kickstarter-like campaigns. 

Upon first visiting the Neighborhood SOS website for the first time, visitors can browse a list of projects available to donate capital, time or materials. Users may search for specific types of projects, or by a particular neighborhood, and filter through by keywords, location, funded status, or project type. When they’re ready to get started, a Neighborhood Leader may create an account, and begin donating towards, or creating new SOS projects.

The concept builds upon communities’ desire to drive their own revitalization, and builds in a multitude of tools and measures to ensure that projects are funded in a scalable and responsible manner. The Neighborhood SOS application puts improvement projects, and their individual and corporate sponsors, front and center. Neighborhood Leaders, and the business community, are recognized for their contributions, and are provided a platform to broadcast their SOS to drive interest and further investment.



The Neighborhood SOS home screen. A new user is shown featured projects in their neighborhood, with clear calls to action to donate. 



Grassroots Goes Digital

Once a Neighborhood Leader has created an account, they’re ready to either create, or find an existing SOS to invest in. Neighborhood SOS makes it simple, fun, and rewarding to create and find projects of virtually any size, from the pothole in front of your home, to the vacant lot that dreams of becoming a playground. 

When you’ve located the project you’d like to start or contribute to, you’re provided with a comprehensive dashboard, giving you helpful information such as the project's donation target, number of investors, how your investment is being spent, and a timeline of the project’s progress including before, during and after photos.

Every project submitted to Neighborhood SOS is thoroughly reviewed by the Neighborhood SOS committee and approved upon meeting minimum criteria consistent with charitable standards. Upon approval, each project is given an estimated value to completion by a bonded and licensed contractor. To help guide the project, and allow Neighborhood SOS to continue to improve communities, an overhead charge of 5.0-20.0% would be added to the project cost, depending on size and scope. 

Not only is Neighborhood SOS a source of pride for individuals and communities, it’s also an ideal vehicle for businesses of any size to show their support for local neighborhoods by sponsoring and sharing projects. The highly visible, and highly sharable structure of Neighborhood SOS projects assure companies that the projects they sponsor will be seen by their customers, and the community at large.


Home, After Login

After creating an account, projects the user has donated to, projects nearby, and “heroes” who have contributed the most to nearby projects are shown.


Map View

Projects are overlaid on a Google Map (for instance) with color-coded icons to demonstrate project type (e.g., landscaping), and its status (e.g., accepting donations).


Project Detail

A project created by a neighborhood leader, complete with images, video, an engaging description of the project and clear monetary and volunteer goals to reach.


A Step By Step Guide for Improving your Community


When posting a new project, users first select the city, then neighborhood under which the project will be featured.

Project Type

Neighborhood Leaders can create one of multiple project types.

donation type

Neighborhood SOS supports a combination of monetary donations, or volunteer hours.


Detail pages allow users to describe their projects using images, gifs, and videos to attract attention to the project.


Promote on Facebook and Twitter, and use our Neighborhood Kits to call attention to project locations with customized signs.


When projects are completed, Neighborhood SOS provides a full recap, including photos, videos, and budget spend.

Who Benefits?


Take pride in your community, and make a difference by dedicating your time, or creating projects to gather donations.

community leaders

Work towards building socioeconomic equality, through the improvement of living conditions in neighborhoods.

business owners

Improve the economic effectiveness for small and medium size commerce zones within the community.


Helps to positively shape the community where your employees live and work, and impact the lives of the customers your company serves.

Sponsorships & Investment


Neighborhood SOS provides the perfect opportunity for businesses and corporations to help make projects possible that have a measurable difference to their customers’ communities. The Neighborhood SOS platform is a revolutionary change in community economic investment, allowing individuals and businesses to easily identify, submit, and share improvement projects at multiple scales, and actually see the benefits of that investment in a simple, intuitive product.

Neighborhood SOS is in the early stages of garnering sponsorship from corporations that seek to make a difference in the quality of the communities they serve. The plan our organization has outlined can be made possible through financial donations or donations of technology, staff, or materials.

An investment in Neighborhood SOS allows your corporation’s technology to applied and associated with a positive message, and measurable outcomes.

We Are Seeking


Location Services

Mapping and location-specific data at the local, city and state level.

data encryption

A transaction platform or service to enable donations by individuals and corporations, which allows for data encryption and data & financial auditing.

SSO Provider

A secure Single Sign-On (SSO) provider, used to manage credentials and user profiles.

Cloud Storage

A cloud storage and platform provider, to build the Neighborhood SOS frameworks on, and for housing the photos, videos and other information associated with community projects.

Corporate Promotions

Corporations that wish to donate staff, materials, press and PR services to promote Neighborhood SOS, and the community projects it facilitates.

Corporate Sponsors

Neighborhood SOS is also seeking corporate sponsors, who wish to be seen as leaders in the communities they serve.


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